Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Helpful Hint - Deleting games

For those of you involved in playing Network games, you know that there are times when games get stuck due to players not taking their turn. Unfortunately, due to Apple's turn-based game setup, there is currently no way to bypass these players.

"So what do I do?", you may be wondering.
Here is the answer:

If a player does not take their turn after a few days, it is best to just delete that game. From the Network Menu, swipe the game and then tap delete. Deleting stuck games will keep room for the max of 30 active games.

If/when Apple changes their setup for turn-based games, we can fix this, but until that time all that can be done is deleting those stuck games.


  1. If you quit a game and it goes into the game graveyard, can you still view the results if the game is finished?

  2. Yes you can. When you delete an active game and it is not your turn, the game goes into the "game over" section. Even though it isn't over, it is for you, so that's why it is there. Once it actually finishes, then you can still see it.

    If you quit and it is your turn, then the game is gone for good.

    Hope that helps!

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