Network Play

Paper Telephone centers around network play, so here is a breakdown of how it works.

Network play runs as asynchronous turn-based games through Game Center. This means that each player has the ability to take their turn at their own convenience and not all players must be present at once.

1) To create a match, the player launches the Game Center view and creates a match of 2-16 players. Game Center friends may be invited, spots may be left open for auto-match players, or a combination of both may be used.

2) The player that created the match then takes the first turn by writing the starting phrase. This can be anything from "The cow jumped over the moon" to "A flying monkey attacked the three-eyed snowman". Writing turns are limited to 50 characters, so use them wisely.

3) The turn is then sent to either an invited friend or an auto-matched player. This player will be responsible for drawing a picture of the initial phrase. Users begin with a black color pencil and through both online and offline gameplay can unlock more colors. Colors can also be bought in the PT Store. Once the player has drawn their image, the turn is sent to the next player.

4) This cycle continues until each player has taken their turn. Once the last player has taken their turn, each participant will be notified of the end of the match and will have the opportunity to view the entirety of the match. This is where you ask, "What in the world were they thinking when they came up with that?" :)


  1. How do I delete old games? I used to have the option but now I don't and if I don't delete them my memory will be all used up!!!!!!

  2. Swipe the game and a red box labeled delete will appear. Tap that to delete it. If you re-install the app, the option will be there again after viewing the completed game

  3. For some reason I can't invite people to a game/start my own in network play. Any thoughts? Game center isn't giving me the option

  4. Can you provide any more details? Are you tapping on Network Play and then seeing the new game screen pop up?

  5. I have PT 11 friends and we want to play with each other every game. However, the order people draw/write in seems to be the same each game. How do I randomize the player order?

  6. Becky,

    The person who starts the game has the ability to set the order. When you go to the Network play menu and select the '+' button, as you know you have the ability to add other people. If you select all the other players at one time, they will end up added in alphabetical order, which is why you keep getting the same order. To change this up, add them one or a few at a time in the order that you want. So select a few to add and those ones will be set, then hit invite friends again and pick others to go after the ones you just added.

    I hope that helps and if it doesn't make enough sense, let me know.