Change Log

Updated social networking to iOS 6. Updated turn-based game code for iOS 6 and added turn timeouts (1 day). Switched to SVProgressHUD instead of Loading View.

Changed blog links to

Redid page-title graphics.

Able to click links when viewing the Hall of Fame.

Redesigned notifications/news to be viewable from Settings menu.

Fixed brush size slider being disconnected in iPad network drawing. Changed viewing partial network game to be after 15 days instead of 20.

Adjusted back button in network drawing. Unable to connect to Twitter informs to set up account in Settings app.

Added access to recent custom colors.

Able to view partial game after 20 days.

Changed one week notice to not fire at midnight by default. Updated various labels to be more clear. Fixed loading view when submitting network turns. Loading view for while loading network turn and completed games.

Fixed icon not working in Facebook post.

Updated Main Menu icons.

Fixed Flurry not logging if app is launched from notification.

Removed IAA network.

Changed "I've been bad" for blocked network players to "Dismiss" on popup alert. Added thank you after completing survey.

Able to open link from notice.

Changed network game size to be only 8 or 12 players. Disabled saved games while HoF loads. Re-enable HoF button if fails to load. Re-enable submit button if fails in network mode.

EMail feedback in Settings menu only adds Game Center username if logged in.

Fixed off-centered price labels in store.

Only logs pressing network button if actually pressed, not when returning from network play. Logs player's alias when quit in turn. Fixed drawing outside of draw area when zoomed in.

Release CGPath when finished.

Removed switching games when notification comes in; only drops down an alert. Fixed paint bucket code to work better. Fixed a few labels not showing properly. Added label in store saying colors can be unlocked through achievements. Fixed not setting delegates to nil when finished. Changed clickedButtonAtIndex to didDismissButtonWithIndex.

Fixed Facebook not loading after logging in the first time.

Fixed reallocating arrays for Facebook friends when reloading.

Changed drawing tools page to say trash can restores "blank" canvas instead of "empty" canvas.

Got rid of grayscale. Flurry logs number of days to finish network game. Only hides iAd view if not loaded.

Fixed iPad network draw not fitting max phrase length.

Fixed various leaks over-retaining objects. Made grayscale double tap instead of button. Added #PaperT to Tweets. Notice of what turn you are in network game. No more FB app page updates (new FB pages won't allow).

Fixed leader board and achievement views crashing when finished viewing.

Flurry logs when player quits in turn. If fails to submit network turn doesn't count each submission try as turn for stats/achievements. 

"No saved games" image instead of alert and auto-return to Main Menu to allow seeing HoF. No more fullscreen iAds (never available anyways). Alert describing end of game options.

Hall of Fame system.

Drawing tools info screen. Hides settings menu when click submit drawing. Alert about new drawing features. Redid iPad launch images. 

Max phrase length changed to 60 to fit Tweet lengths. Undo button stores 10 previous touches. Removes all stored images after submitting network drawing to clear memory. Blacklist checked every other day. Initial phrase suggestions/

New maximum phrase lengths - 75 for Pass n' Play and 70 for Network play. Tells number of characters if over name limit in Pass n' Play.

Able to change drawing to grayscale. Flurry logs when going to blog URL and if opened local notification.

Local notification inviting to play after not playing for a week.

Paint bucket for drawing.

Fixed memory leaks with leaderboard and achievement view controllers. Flurry logs when blocked player tries to play and logs Appirater selections.

Drop down banners last three seconds instead of two. Fixed alert views that had YES as the cancel button. Removed old code for Tweeting images and putting the background behind them.

Fixed Saved games view to return to Main Menu when no saved games. Moved Appirater significant event to after network turn is submitted so it doesn't mess up turn submission. Changed currentFunction clickedButtonAtIndex to be %d instead of %@ for NSInteger to prevent crash. Removed the drawing background. Fixed save image button in iPhone End of Game not being connected. Fixed canHandleInvite for Main Menu to now only notify of completed game. Added showToNewUser bool in notices - if new user, will save notice and show them their second time playing.

Updated Mobclix SDK

Fixed FB to show correct starting phrase for game. Removes saved network game data when game is deleted. If try to enter only spaces for text (name, phrase), resets to blank. Error reporting tells current function.

Fixed date formatters. Fixed initial slider value for brush size not matching the actual brush size. Checks playerID also when check if player is blocked. Added playerID of sender for email feedback and reporting. Doesn't check for new notice the first time playing.

Fixed viewing turn contribution showing two alerts. Encrypted plists downloaded from server. Dropdown notifications instead of alerts for turn updates and game over. 

Fixed undo button crash. Changed Tweets and FB back to say "Telephone Pictionary" instead of "Paper Telephone" so that people recognize the game. Added alerts to explain first time writing and drawing. Added own notification system that checks every two days.

Added playerID to match data and reports. Changed "ERROR" alert to "Whoops!". Downloads blacklisted players from server every two days. Error reporting tells current view controller. Hid my ad button when returning from end of network game. Added canSendMail to make sure email is set up on device. Set alert delegate to nil for alerts that don't need one. Allow to compose mail even without internet (can save to drafts). Added info to log into Game Center with the GC app if not logged in.

Fixed first network play saying to use "+" to add players. (No longer can add players; only 8, 12, or 16)

No "view completed game" alert from Main Menu; only alert that it is finished. Removes all stored images for undo button when submitting Pass n' Play drawing to save memory. Changed name to Paper Telephone and redid images.

Fixed Appirater not registering when do not want to rate. Fixed showing game contribution even when click dismiss rather than view. Presents network view controller automatically when returning from network play.

Added ability to report users that create a negative online environment. Fixed turn files not being removed after game ends. Altered zooming so that it adjusts when zooming in and out. Game size now 8, 12, or 16 players. Fixed Appirater's incorrect button configuration.

Disabled typing text while turn is submitting in network phrase turn. Enabled Appirater for all versions. If receive expired network game, automatically deletes and notifies. Added info to use "+" button to get into games.

Added to "View final outcome" # players in game. Fixed selecting next player when another quits. Cannot submit blank text with spaces. Show creation date of game when selected but not your turn. FB share tells previous phrase or starting phrase. Info alerts when first time trying network and after first network turn explaining play. Email full game.

Changed Tweet for sharing completed game. Fixed User Guide saying limited to 10 games - no more limit

Zooms out after submitting drawing.

Loading indicator while removing single completed network game. Fixed pressing dismiss after completed game getting stuck. Resets social network stats when resetting achievements. Changed "Previous player quit" to just tell the current turn number in network games. Save drawing to photo library. Changed P&P End of Game to have FB and Twitter buttons instead of pop up. Fixed when submitting network drawing, can't draw if submission error.

Unlimited network games without purchase. Zoom while drawing.

Fixed match message to display current player. When deleting all completed network games at once, waits till finished before going back to Main Menu.

Fixed Tweet that was missing hash tag. Fixed crash when invalid match data.

Made default iPhone/iPod touch brush size smaller.
Fixed crash when network participant quits and others try to save after game finished. Added more info to the user guide.

Network games now minimum 4 player, rather than 2 player. This should make more interesting games. Able to swipe to switch between turns when viewing completed games. Fixed match update messages.
Fixed Facebook app page updates for open games.

Fixed turns/game leaderboard to require 10 games. Fixed achievement/leaderboard error submitting when no internet. Now able to view open matches on Facebook.

Fixed ad banner in iPhone/iPod touch store view. Fixed Twitter notice when not logged into Twitter.

Now informed when another player's turn has been taken in a network game.

Facebook, IAP Store, and Network play minor adjustments

Facebook tweaks.

If logged into Facebook, update posted to the Telephone Pictionary App Page for open matches. Mobclix ads throughout for iPad as well.

Added functionality to handle matches created through the Game Center app.
Fixed bug on drawing screen that would draw a dot when touching anywhere to dismiss the settings menu.

Fixed bug that caused achievement banners to show on iOS 5 but not iOS 4.

Added setting to set the default leaderboard.

Rewrote the in-app store to work more efficiently and smoothly.

Social Network x5 - Share 5 times
Social Network x10 - Share 10 times
Social Network x25 - Share 25 times

These achievements are fairly simple ways to invite your friends, share your turns, and move up the achievement leaderboard.

Added in-app survey feedback. Sharpened up the icon images.

Few tweaks to keep memory usage low. Added new leaderboard for most achievement points.

Added full screen iAds for iPad after finishing a Pass & Play turn and after finishing a Network turn.

Implementing updated Facebook API.

Added option to load Facebook friends with or without profile pictures.

A little more fine tuning. Pretty much ready for release when iOS 5 comes out!

Even more testing! Fixed up some achievement code and checking to make sure drawing is not blank when submitted.

Lots of testing and checking! More fine tuning to make sure we are ready to go when iOS is ready. Made a few changes with Twitter integration. Graphics editing for the Main Menu.

Fine tuning little issues. Fixed error when retrieving network game data for a drawing. Refined color pencil images for iPad.

Bronze Network Player - 100 Network Turns
Silver Network Player - 500 Network Turns
Gold Network Player - 1000 Network Turns
All-Star Network Player - 5000 Network Turns

Working on catching empty drawing when completely erased over.

Fixed error that skewed Twitter image background size. Added alert when new colors are unlocked by game play.

Added Mobclix throughout entire app.

Network play compatible back and forth between iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Minor changes to Facebook and Twitter integration.

Set up each view for iPad. Added indicator of current color to draw with. Fixed a few bugs with Game Center code.

Swapped out a now-deprecated method used in the in-app store and fixed up a bug that sometimes loaded the prices in the wrong order.

Began working on setting up the iPad interface. From testing so far, playing on the iPad is pretty awesome! Lots of extra room to draw.

Set up Mobclix ads to fall back on when no iAd loads. Since the app will be FREE, there will be ads throughout or you can purchase to disable them for $1.99. This will support the development of Telephone Pictionary and at the same time enable unlimited Network Play games.

Completed Facebook friends integration.
Simple interface to invite your friends to play with you.