Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More info

Here is some more info about Telephone Pictionary =)

Most Network Turns
Turn/Game Average
Most Pass n' Play Games
Most Games
Achievement Points

Start 1st Game
1st Saved Game
Bronze Network Player (100 Network turns)
Silver Network Player (500 Network turns)
Gold Network Player (1000 Network turns)
All-Star Network Player (5000 Network turns)
10+ Turn Game
25+ Turn Game
50+ Turn Game
10 Turns
25 Turns
50 Turns
100 Turns (Unlocks color pencil)
250 Turns
500 Turns (Unlocks color pencil)
1000 Turns (Unlocks color pencil)
5000 Turns (Unlocks color pencil)
10 Games
25 Games
50 Games
100 Games
250 Games
500 Games (Unlocks color pencil)
1000 Games (Unlocks color pencil)
5000 Games (Unlocks color pencil)
Social Network x5
Social Network x10
Social Network x25

In-app Purchases
In the case that you don't feel like working to unlock all the color pencils, there is a solution! In the TP Store, the pack of 6 color pencils costs only $.99! In addition to the pack, a rainbow color pencil is available for $.99. This rainbow color pencil allows you to draw in ANY color of your choice. Lastly, at any time, you can disable all ads for only $1.99.

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